Bowling League Information

At Hillside Lanes, new leagues are always welcome.  Leagues have members that run from the never-bowled to your avid bowlers. The cost is $15.00 per week and some leagues ask for a small registration fee. At the end of the bowling season the leagues have banquets where awards are handed out to the members. Our adult leagues offer the chance to participate in tournaments for fun and for also the more competitive bowlers. We have leagues for youth, seniors, adult and visually impaired.

Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm

Mixed League

Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm
Mixed League

Thursdays 1pm to 4pm

Thursdays 7pm to 9pm
Visually Impaired

Fridays 7pm to 9pm
Mixed League

Sunday Nights 6:30 pm – 9pm
Mixed League

Youth Bowling Saturdays

The youth bowling league bowls Saturdays. The 9:30 shift is designed for bowlers ages 2 to 10 years. The younger bowlers, ages 2 -5 (peewee division) and bowlosaurus division bowl 1 or 2 games per week at a cost of $7.00 with a $25.00 registration fee.

The older division (Bantams) bowl 3 games per week for a cost of $9.00 with the registration fee.  The Afternoon session starts at 12:00 and Fields bowlers from 11 to 19 years of age. These bowlers will also bowl 3 games at the cost of $10.00 with the registration fee.

All youth bowlers will also have the opportunity to compete in tournaments throughout the bowling season. There are also different events through out the season where they can compete in tournaments and win trophies. At the year end party each bowler will receive a trophy!